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About Dr. Dhaliwal

About Dr. Dhaliwal

His own journey to overcome hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia inspired Dr. Navi Dhaliwal to find a way to deliver hair restoration solutions to men and women experiencing hair loss. Hair loss can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem, confidence, and emotional well-being. 

After training with many of the world’s most accomplished hair restoration specialists in Miami, Los Angeles, and Asia, Dr. Dhaliwal brings advanced hair loss solutions and hair restoration strategies to Western Canada. The team at HairNation in Calgary, Alberta delivers options for surgical and non-surgical options to restore thicker, healthier hair to clients from across Canada and the US.

After a comprehensive assessment to determine the cause of hair loss, Dr. Dhaliwal and his team will customize a treatment protocol to arrest hair loss, restore fullness, and renew confidence and self-esteem. We are passionate about helping our clients feel better and look their very best!

The HairNation Difference

We are committed to offering an elevated client experience for those seeking effective and lasting hair replacement solutions. This means our practice focuses on advanced tools, techniques, and technologies, notable and measurable results, and a rigorous, elevated patient care experience. This is the advantage you can expect when you choose HairNation.

Hair Transformation Travel Packages

For out-of-town clients seeking the most comprehensive hair loss diagnoses and customized, advanced, and effective treatments from one of Canada's most accomplished hair transplant and restoration experts, consider our personalized Hair Transformation Travel Experience Packages.

These bespoke packages include first-class accommodations and enhanced aftercare services. Your journey to fuller, healthy hair begins here. Contact us for details.

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Our Transformation Clients Say

Complimentary Virtual Hair Transplant Consultations

For our Hair Transplant clients with time or mobility constraints or those seeking hair transformations from outside of the Calgary area, we offer comprehensive virtual consultations. Reach out to our nurse-led support team to set up an initial phone call. Leveraging online technologies our nurse support team and the HairNation team can collect all necessary information, answer your questions, and discuss treatment solutions.

FREE Hair Transplant Virtual Consultation

Complimentary In-Person Consultations

We welcome our clients in Calgary and surrounding areas for complimentary in-person consultations for diagnosis and treatment solutions in our state-of-the-art treatment facility. Book your complimentary consultation and begin your journey to thicker fuller hair today.

FREE In-Person Consultation

What To Expect

Every client’s journey to address hair loss and achieve their personal goals for hair loss treatment is unique. But we have designed an effective, structured,  and thoughtful client experience that will guide you on your way. Here is what you can expect when you choose the HairNation team to lead you through the process.

1. Consultation

1. Consultation

Choose an in-person or a virtual complimentary consultation with the HairNation team and support nurse. This is the opportunity for in-depth assessment, accurate diagnosis of the cause of hair loss, exploration of the options for treatment, and the formulation of a customized treatment strategy.

2. Consultation Follow Up

2. Consultation Follow Up

At your first consultation you will be assigned a client care nurse contact. This team member is your designated and dedicated point of contact throughout your hair restoration journey. Your care nurse will maintain contact with you to address any questions or concerns you have.

3. Scheduling And Pre-Op Protocols

3. Scheduling And Pre-Op Protocols

When you understand your options for hair loss treatment and feel confident with your personalized hair restoration strategy, we will determine a treatment timeline, schedule transplant surgery (if applicable), and review all pre-op preparation requirements and post-op care instructions.

What To Expect
4. Treatment

4. Treatment

If you choose non-invasive hair replacement treatment such as oral or topical medications, Platelet-Rich Plasma injections, or Laser Light Therapy we will begin your treatment protocol. The frequency and duration will be determined by your personal hair loss and goals. If you opt for surgical treatment your hair restoration procedure will begin.

5. Aftercare

5. Aftercare

If you have chosen Follicular unit extraction or excision (FUE) or Follicular unit transplantation or strip extraction (FUT), you will return to our office the following day for a careful postoperative assessment to ensure the health of your transplanted follicles and the success of the transplant procedure.

6. Systematic Follow-Up

6. Systematic Follow-Up

We are committed to an elevated protocol of follow up with every one of our clients. This includes a 2 week follow up to make sure everything is healing well. Expect to check in again at 6 and 12 weeks, 6, 9, 12, and 18 months. After 18 months you are free to connect with our team any time with questions.

What We Do

A comprehensive consultation for accurate diagnosis of the cause of hair loss is the first step to achieving effective and long-lasting results for the treatment of hair loss for men, beard hair loss, hair loss for women, and eyebrow hair loss. Learn more about our thorough consultation process and our transformative treatment options to decrease hair loss and facilitate enhanced hair growth restorations.

Hair Transplant For Men

The most common cause of hair loss in men is male-pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. This is a genetic trait passed on from your parents. But hair loss in men can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, metabolic deficiencies, aging, or autoimmune conditions. Often, hair loss begins

Hair Transplant For Women

Most women are used to shedding hair. It is apparent when you brush your hair, in the shower, and perhaps even on the bathroom floor. So when is hair loss in women a reason for concern? Typically women will lose between 50-100 hairs per day. This is most obvious in women with long hair. Wh

Top Hair Loss Hair Restoration Articles

We promise a focus on education, not just for our patients so they can make the most informed decisions regarding their treatment and care, but the ongoing education of our team, so we can continue to provide advanced hair loss solutions. This is our library, filled with what we know and what we learn so you can focus on education too.

5 Ways Hair Transplants Reinvent Self-Perception

April 25, 2024
Around 20,000 individuals undergo hair transplants each year in Canada. Hair transplants are not just about aesthetics; they revolutionize self-perception, paving the way for restored confidence and a rejuvenated appearance. This transformative procedure addresses hair loss comprehensively

4 Hair Transplant Myths Debunked

April 18, 2024
This article debunks common myths surrounding hair transplant procedures, providing evidence-based clarity on expectations. It addresses misconceptions such as the immediacy of results, the pain involved, the visibility of scarring, and the permanence of results. The piece highlights that

Restorative Hair Transformation Starts Here

Hair loss is not something you have to accept. Effective and lasting solutions for hair loss for men and women are available. Through a comprehensive consultation, HairNation delivers accurate and insightful diagnosis and advanced hair restoration treatment strategies to guide you on your journey to complete and transformative hair restoration.

Contact us today by filling out the contact form below or by calling us at 1-403-252-4410. Complimentary virtual consultations are available for those inquiring about hair transplants, and for all other hair loss inquiries, complimentary in-person consulations are available.

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